Historic Scranton Haunted Seance Evening. Picked by the PA Dept of Tourism as "one of the most Haunted places in Pennsylvania"

Scranton Pocono Ghost walk attraction and tour of downtown has been replaced by a Haunted Seance evening attraction

Scranton Point of Interest. Night time view of Haunted Scranton.
A great haunted event any time of year!

As seen on "The Office" Television Show, "The Man in Black.

Call (570) 383-9297 for more about the historic haunted Scranton Attraction or to reserve.

For more about Scranton's favorite paranormal event and attraction
"Haunted! Psychic Mystery & Seance Evening!" Click here!

We also do many sucessful fundraisers for organizations at our facility or anywhere for any budget.

HorrorFind.com Says: This Site Is Horrific!

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HorrorFind.com Says: This Site Is Horrific!

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